Facebook Messenger and Messenger Lite Comparison: Pros and Cons

Facebook Messenger and Messenger Lite Comparison: Pros and Cons

With over 1.3 billion monthly active consumers, Facebook Messenger is present with WhatsApp, that passed the identical amount in July 2017. The original Facebook Messenger program comes loaded with several innovative features like support for GIFs, animations, over-sized emojis, Stories, and etc..

Moreover, it has feature-rich Instant Games along with both stores.

These attributes compose a milder Facebook Messenger program that gets lethargic occasionally. Luckily, there is an alternative known as Facebook Messenger Lite. Facebook’s very own Lite version of this messenger program is getting popular on app stores.

Lite version of Messenger was available for a little while in India and Africa and has been recently found in four other countries.

Let us Look at a few important differences between both Facebook Messenger and Facebook Messenger Lite.

Facebook’s unique messenger app multiplies in proportion and consumes more storage over a period of time. The Facebook Messenger takes up complete 199MB data out of which the program size itself is 139MB whereas the consumer data is 59.72MB.

On the other hand, Facebook Messenger Lite carries up a total distance of over 25MB out of which the program size is 20.20MB along with the user data is all over 3MB.

The average memory usage is around 187MB for the Facebook Messenger while the Facebook Messenger Lite uses only 46MB of the memory card.

QUICK FACT: Facebook Messenger Lite will not pre-load received photos if you don’t manually tap on them. Till then, the obtained pictures are found within a low-res thumbnail.

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One of the primary difference between the two programs is the user interface (UI). The Facebook Messenger app looks cramped up using several actions buttons.

The navigation bar in the base comprises buttons for Home, Contacts, Camera, Games, and Bots. Messages, Lively, Groups, and Calls are in the top along with the search bar and the Me bubble for the profile. This produces the whole chatting experience unintuitive.

You can simply swipe right or left to toggle among them.

The exception of this navigation bar enables Lite to offer more room resulting in simpler navigation. One of the best things concerning Facebook Messenger Lite is its ability to provide its user with a smooth dialog in fewer taps.

The actual problem with the Facebook Messenger program is that the overdose of a whole lot of features that are hardly ever used.


Using Facebook Messenger Lite, you are able to send and get messages, pictures, voice notes, and decals and make/receive audio calls using Wi-Fi. 1 thing you cannot do using Lite would be made or receive video calls and it’s fine, if you want my opinion, since you have dozens of programs to video calls.

However, 1 place where Facebook Messenger Lite falls short is security. Facebook Messenger presents end-to-end encryption with Secret Conversations.

Also, since the whole concept behind Lite would be to save data, it doesn’t feature animations in stickers, GIFs, and place sharing.

Facebook Messenger Lite does away with a great deal of data-hogging features and focuses on the simple task of messaging.

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It is as obvious as it could be. Facebook Messenger Lite uses much less memory and is designed to work on 2G networks and also in regions with limited or poor online connectivity.

Lite is not targeted only for users, who want to save data or storage on their phone since it lets you perform basic chatting effortlessly and still manages to supply adequate features like emojis.

So, are you considering changing into Facebook Messenger Lite, in case you haven’t hooked on it already?

Let’s know what additional messenger apps do you use in comments? We’d really like to understand.

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